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With over 30 years of experience, The Law Office of DeCaro & Howell, P.C., offers high-level, personalized service with a strong track record of success.

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Tax Law
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Business Law
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Estate Planning

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A Complete Approach To The Law

At The Law Office of DeCaro & Howell, P.C., our mission is to effectively provide results-driven legal counsel. Our direct approach transforms the experience of working with a lawyer. Our core areas of practice – those involving tax and other financial matters – affect our clients’ lives in very profound ways and can be a source of significant concern. While our most important goal is to help our clients resolve their legal dilemmas, we believe it is just as important to give our clients confidence and peace of mind during the process.



I wrote to personally thank you for resolving Tony’s tax problem and bringing about the release of the tax lien against our home. You have lifted a great burden off our shoulders and brought peace of mind to us after seven long years. Please accept my deepest gratitude for finally putting this matter behind us.

– J.

Thank you for your insightful approach regarding my father’s financial situation. You have inspired me!

– K.M.

Thanks for always being there to listen to. Your firm has been a true blessing. You’re the best.

– E.

Thank you for assisting me in my real estate endeavors. I don’t believe that you understand how much of a service you are providing for me.

– L.

You prepared and excellent document clearly stating all points. In my view, you did a marvelous job, for which I would like to thank you. It is always a pleasure to work with professionals of your caliber.

– M.

Offering A Full Range
Of Financial Services

Financial issues often overlap: A small-business owner may need special estate planning help in addition to traditional business counsel, and an individual taxpayer facing significant tax debt may need to consider bankruptcy options. No matter how financial issues touch your life, it is essential that your lawyer has experience handling the full spectrum of legal issues involved.

Our firm stands out because our attorneys are highly experienced in all these areas of the law. They have learned from five combined decades in practice how to respond to legal issues involving personal or business finances – and how to look ahead and find ways to prevent financial issues from causing problems down the road.

Financial Legal Dilemmas