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Innovative Legal Solutions. A Client-First Environment.

We founded our firm with a simple but important goal: Provide our clients with innovative, effective legal strategies while maintaining a focus on making the experience of working with a lawyer as rewarding as possible. As Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that created the problem.”

Our attorneys, Thomas DeCaro and Marla Howell, know that when it comes to pressing legal issues involving you, your family and/or your business, you cannot afford anything less than experienced counsel committed to results. At the same time, you deserve to receive a level of service that reflects the investment you are making in legal help. That is why at our firm:

  • You will meet directly with one of our partners throughout the duration of your case, never being passed off to a less-experienced associate. When you have only routine questions, our friendly and experienced staff is also here for you.
  • You will have the option to meet with us directly at your home or business instead of at our offices based on your preference. In some cases – especially when review of copious financial documents is involved – it will be easier to let us come to you.
  • You will be treated both with professionalism and in a friendly manner, acknowledging that sometimes working with a lawyer can be an intimidating experience. We aim to take apprehension out of the equation beginning with our very first meeting.

More Than 50 Years Of Combined Experience In Maryland, Virginia And D.C.

Together, Thomas DeCaro and Marla Howell offer more than five decades of distinguished experience in the areas of tax law, business and corporate law, bankruptcy and estate planning for clients throughout the Beltway.

In addition to having been a certified public accountant (CPA), Mr. DeCaro is also a former tax law specialist with the IRS. As a true expert in the complexities of tax law, he provides nuanced, results-focused counsel to individual and business taxpayers alike.

Ms. Howell has worked with business owners, taxpayers and families for nearly 20 years. Her approach emphasizes swift yet detail-oriented representation and a commitment to providing clarity even in the face of complex, confusing legal issues.

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