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A Financial Lifeline

It’s easy to get into serious debt. All it takes is an unforeseen job loss, a medical crisis or even simply years of living beyond your means. When financial trouble catches up with you, it may seem that your options are limited and getting financial help is an overwhelming process.

Our firm has more than 30 years of experience with all phases of bankruptcy – from multi-million dollar reorganizations to individual Chapter 7 proceedings. We want to show you that getting out of debt can be as simple as getting into it. By providing one-on-one contact between you and our attorneys and knowledgeable staff, we can implement a solution which is fair, economical and allows you to proceed with minimum disruption. We are particularly well versed in solutions to tax debts.

Our attorneys know from years of representing hardworking people and business owners just how important financial peace of mind is. Too many people have the mistaken impression that bankruptcy means waving the white flag and admitting defeat, and suffering years of financial hardship as a result. We’re here to show you that bankruptcy can be just the lifeline you, your family or your business needs.

Learn More About Filing For Bankruptcy

There are two common forms of bankruptcy protection for individual consumers, and one for business owners facing financial difficulties. We encourage you to discuss your financial situation with us and allow us to determine if you are a good candidate for:

  • Chapter 7: This form of debt relief is sometimes known as “liquidation.” Certain assets are sold, or “liquidated,” to generate funds to pay off a portion of total debt owed, with remaining eligible debts discharged. Our goal is to spare your most important assets from liquidation while discharging your debts.
  • Chapter 13: People who have higher income levels and significant debt can find relief through what’s referred to as reorganization. Eligible filers receive a three- to five-year period to repay certain debts, after which the remaining ones are discharged.
  • Chapter 11: This can be an effective course of action for business owners who find that their liabilities outnumber their assets.

Our strong backgrounds in tax law allow us to think “outside the box” and determine when bankruptcy can be used strategically to reduce or eliminate tax debt. If at any time someone does not qualify for bankruptcy protection or it is not in his or her best interests, we will actively pursue bankruptcy alternatives to help him or her find some form of debt relief.

Call For A Free Consultation

Contact our firm today for a free, confidential evaluation of your debt relief options with our Maryland lawyers. Email us now or call 301-750-9941. There is no charge for our the initial consultation with you because we want to make sure that we understand your unique situation and that we have developed the best possible plan to meet your goals and objectives. You will find that our rates are in line with other attorneys including those less experienced. We generally quote a comprehensive fee which includes the filing costs.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.